Co-Owner, Curator, Designer

Alanna MacGowan
Ben Shown

Hello Poster Show
The Hello Poster Show is a pop-up fundraising exhibition and online shop connecting artists and community, one poster at a time.

Dormant for several years, we re-launched this non-profit in 2017 as an outlet for designers and artists to flex their creative muscles while engaging in conversations for social good. Over the last couple of years we have raised nearly $10,000 in 6+ events for local and national non-profit beneficiaries. All operations are run in collaboration with co-founders Alanna MacGowan and Ben Shown.

Each show we partner with a non-profit organization and concept a theme around their mission to structure the event around. We then commission artists and designers to create a poster (sometimes other goods) to that theme, to be hand printed in a limited run, and featured at the exhibition. A handful of posters go back to the designer, and the remaining prints are sold at show openings and online with all proceeds benefitting our partner organization.

We The People We the people was our first show in Spring 2017, inspired by the upswell of frustration due to the recent elections, we wanted to create an outlet for action to our creative community and beyond. We partnered with the ACLU of Washington, here is a short case study of this show.

We also feel it is important to provide opportunities for everyone to engage and take action, not just monetarily. At the We The People show we had stations set up for people to write letters to senators, congress people, and even the president, encouraged by prompts but not limited in what they say. We intend every exhibition to be a catalyst for action and a place to provide people with resources to take action post show.

 Other Shows and Workshops
Over the last couple years we have hosted shows supporting several causes from supporting Women in STEM organizations to LGBTQ+ groups, and student focused workshops. To see more work or to reach out if you would like to get involved, more information can be found on our Instagram or website.

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