Creative Direction, Design, Strategy

Digital Expression
Our digital landscapes have become emotional deserts, more focused on efficiency of information flow than creating memorable experiences that bring joy. This series of explorations examines how we can bring our digital worlds to life in ways that stimulate, connect, and inspire.

Increasingly, our daily interactions happen through digital tools and faceless conversations. These inhibit our ability to pick up on nuanced physical cues that are necessary to conveying tone and intent.

We explored how the nuances of body language, micro-expressions, and personal expression can enhance our ability to communicate digitally while maintaining privacy through a scalable system of AI-powered avatars.

Joyful Moments
Most contemporary UI has been stripped of personality and small moments of delight - fully relying on content to bring expression and humanity into a user’s experience.

We explored ways to bring more expressive, joyful moments directly into the UI through illustration and motion powered by AI. We aim to enhance the experience of content consumption in real-time.

Digital ConnectionTechnology affords us new opportunities to express our emotions in playful and immersive ways. We explored how we can embrace a screen-based communication landscape to amplify emotion and build deeper connections with loved ones.

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