Creative Direction, Design, Strategy

Red Dot, Best of Best 2021
Finding Focus
Finding focus in the face of constant digital and physical distractions of the modern workplace is a near impossible task. We explored how space, color, light, and sound - orchestrated by AI - can help you prevent burnout and achieve more sustainable productivity. 

Flowspace is a multi-dimensional experience spanning hardware and software to help workers manage their energy and attention so they can find more balance in their day.

Adaptive UI
We investigated how we can shift the UI in our digital environments to adapt to a user’s real-time needs to protect their attention and guide them into a deeper state of focus. 

By leveraging sensors in the physical environment, Flowspace can adjust the UI color and refine relevant content to anticipate needs and reduce distractions.

Adaptive Environment
In coordination with the UI, the physicality of Flowspace will shift over time to create the right conditions for focus. Ergonomic positioning, protective wings and directional speakers all adjust based on the users real-time needs.

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