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The Envisioning Center serves as a platform to visualize the not-so-distant future of technology and how it will play a role in our lives. We explore ideas in this space to investigate macro issues transforming the future of work and life. We articulate emerging opportunities through storytelling, prototypes, and immersive experiences. Through these we provoke strategic dialogues and build a shared vision across Microsoft customers and partners.

Below is a glimpse of the explorations we developed for our future of work vision.

Bringing People Together
We live increasingly remote lives with physically distributed workforces and increasing mobility. We believe that one of the key roles technology will need to play is to bring people together through shared experiences while remaining highly accessible.

Spectrum of Space As we begin to live increasingly digital lives, we need to think about how the physical work environment serves us. We explored how can we leverage a spectrum of space to provide a variety of working environments. Ones that adapt to their users, where physical space is as much of a communication tool as our digital devices. We worked with O+A Architects to explore this spectrum. 

Creative FlowCreativity is becoming more important as automation takes over repetitive tasks. We want to assist flow between locations, devices and ideas through physical space and digital experiences. By taking care of rote tasks and creating a spectrum of work spaces, we can empower people to do what humans do best: make the creative leaps and associations that machines can’t make.

Peace of Mind
We are focused on making security and trust a natural part of the tools that people use and are comfortable with. In today’s world of collaborative teams vulnerablee to sophisticated cybercriminals, we relentlessly focus on empowering people and building trust without onerous barriers or compromising compliance and security.

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