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Microsoft Envisioning Center (pt 2)
The Envisioning Center serves as a platform to visualize the not so distant future of technology and how it will play a role in our lives. The ideas explored in the space investigate macro issues transforming the future of work and life. We articulate emerging opportunities through stories, prototypes and immersive experiences, provoking strategic dialogues and building a shared vision across Microsoft, customers and partners.

Below is a glimpse of the explorations we developed for our Future of Home vision.

Flexible Spaces
Our aim in designing this space was to explore a highly connected world that feels entirely analog. To build a space that adapts to human ergonomics and senses verses the other way around. To create a space that feels like a safe sanctuary for family and friends while empowering users with the power of digital connection.

Bringing People Together
We live increasingly globalized lives with distributed workforces and increased mobility. We believe that one of the key roles technology will need to play (both at work and at home) is to bring people together and be highly accessible through shared experiences.

Living SmarterIn a time where we are drowning in information, content and communications, we need help making sense of it all. We believe that this is where technology can play an interesting role, by helping bring the right information to us at the right time and taking care of rote tasks to free us up to do what humans do best - make the creative leaps and associations that machines can’t make.

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